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Ever adventurous, Dave and Sherry met online (before it was cool) and were married a little over a year later.  Dave (a true, though partial Norwegian) has always traveled from place to place and made it his job to find the best in what the area had to offer.  Sherry, on the other hand, always dreamed of traveling to far off lands but lived within 50 miles of where she was born until a few years after she and Dave married.  

From Kentucky (where they met) to upstate New York, to central Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin – they have found home in several places.  Vacations were in far off places like Hawaii, Alaska, Jamaica and Europe and some not-so-distant places.  To say they like to travel would be an understatement.

Both retired now, they decided the best way to truly see the US was to travel the byways and highways, finding the best of wherever we land.  With family scattered across the country, there is always a friendly place to stop and regroup when needed as well.  Discussions went from renting an RV remotely, to renting one locally to “oh what the heck” let’s buy one and live in it!” A year later, they are living the dream.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Blog

  1. Um we pulled up so you (?) Could fill your tank, just like the truckers do. I’m sorry if we inconvenienced you as we were only doing what you guys do. We went in to pick up a sandwich and came back out. There were several open bays as well. I hope your day gets better.


  2. Just passed you west of Minot ND in the police truck. You look like a wholesome couple. Safe travels!
    Regards, Greg and Trent


    1. Thank you for noticing our website and being so friendly! It always makes us smile when people read what we write or look at our photos.

      Most especially thank you for your service – we know it isn’t easy – and thank you for the patch! It will go on our refrigerator to remind us of our friendly ND encounter

      Sherry and Dave


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