St. Joseph’s Center

A Harvest Hosts Site

June 8, 2021

On our way to Livingston Texas to set up our domicile and become proper Texas citizens, we spent the night at a Harvest Hosts site called St. Joseph’s Center. St. Joseph’s Center is a 100+ year old Catholic orphanage that was destined for demolition before a group of modern-day Samaritans (all volunteers) stepped in to save it.

Sitting on 60+ acres, St. Joseph’s Center has 75 chickens, several goats, cattle, sheep; they keep bees and raise food to help feed the hungry. They also offer community gardens for interested folks. In their farm store, they offer some fresh vegetables, goat cheese, ice cream, bakery items, pasta, jams and jellies and more. They are nonprofit and all proceeds go into saving the building and grounds. They even offer free classes for various things. The night we were there, they were teaching school age children how to cook! How cool is that?

As for our site for the night, it was a nice flat paved spot that was easy to get into, within view of the goats and their guard dog “Peaches.” It was very quiet and though we were in the city, St. Joseph’s Center sets up on a hill and feels like you are in the country.

We were welcomed by one of the main volunteers greeted us, introduced us to the farm and invited us to the Farm store if we were interested. Of course we had to go and brought some delicious goodies back to the RV.

St. Joseph’s Center is a working farm with friendly volunteers on a mission. It is a beautiful place and obviously well-loved. If we find ourselves in that area, we will no doubt spend the night again, and encourage you to check it out too. We don’t believe you will be disappointed.

One thought on “St. Joseph’s Center

  1. Your photos are so inviting of St. Joseph’s if I am ever that way I will stay there. I’d like to meet Peaches and walk their gardens and listen to the bees doing what bees do.

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