Boston, MA – The Freedom Trail

July 31, 2021 I don’t know about you, but when I travel I like to imagine how the area looked and what the people who settled the area did and even what they would think of the world as we see it today. Boston is a great place for the imagination, and while Boston isContinue reading “Boston, MA – The Freedom Trail”

And Just like that…We’re Back!

I’m going to state the obvious and say it’s been awhile since I posted. I/we really have been busy and for me, adjusting to full time RV life where we are often on the move has been a bigger-than-I-thought adjustment. I don’t dislike it, not at all, I just missed my house and most ofContinue reading “And Just like that…We’re Back!”

Electrical Upgrades and Lessons Learned´┐╝

While in the US Navy I was trained as an Electronics Technician as a path to become a Nuclear Power Reactor Operator.  I realized that while I could understand and perform electrical task, this was not my strong suit.  So, when I decided to pursue my engineering degree, it was not electrical, rather mechanical.  YouContinue reading “Electrical Upgrades and Lessons Learned´┐╝”