And Just like that…We’re Back!

I’m going to state the obvious and say it’s been awhile since I posted. I/we really have been busy and for me, adjusting to full time RV life where we are often on the move has been a bigger-than-I-thought adjustment. I don’t dislike it, not at all, I just missed my house and most of all the familiarity of knowing where everything was in my little town of Wyoming MN and points beyond.

We both learned that mad driving all day to get somewhere and then only staying a week and repeating to the next spot just isn’t the way to do it. It is hard on the body and I for one, never knew where anything was, short of our RV. I’ve always been very independent and while I love my husband’s company, I also enjoy getting out by myself once in awhile. Hard to do if you don’t know where anything is (I know…Google Maps) or if you will be safe getting there and back. What if the truck has a flat tire? I can’t change it and since we only have one vehicle and Uber isn’t everywhere, I have to rely on complete strangers to help me because Dave couldn’t get to me! Not to mention the fact that the thing is 20 foot long and doesn’t maneuver through traffic like my little Nissan Note did. Not a good feeling.

After we made a beeline it to Glacier National Park (photos below) we realized that there had to be a better way. It is no fun being in a rush and being worn out when you get there. Who wants to do that? Time to put on our orthopedic shoes and enjoy those “golden years” right? Smell the roses (no roses seen in Glacier) and all that fluffy stuff they think us seniors do. Ha!

First we asked ourselves why we were in such a hurry? Both retired, we could take as much time as we wanted, right? I think that one reason why we felt urgency with our travels is because I have had a rare type of lung cancer for almost 11 years now. It has wreaked havoc on my body through necessary surgeries but I am still active (though slower) and refuse to give it any more power or control than necessary. I just have to know my limitations and learn to adjust my usual “full steam ahead” speed. Anyway, we finally got past that roadblock and we came up with a plan that is SOOOO much better and seemed to get me out of the funk I was in (well, that and a little help from the doc).

We decided that we would first pick a destination. For example I have always wanted to go to Maine. So we planned it and this time we would stay three or four weeks! Plenty of time to see the sights and get a sense of community with the area. We decided we would only drive about five hours before stopping for the night. The first night (so far) has been Harvest Hosts. There are typically no hookups – which is ok for a night, quiet and basically free. Though if possible it is expected that you show patronage to the host. The next day we drive for about five hours again and this time check into a campground for a couple days. Electricity, hot showers etc. Time to unwind a bit. We repeat this pattern until we reach our destination. Sometimes we may stay longer if it is in an area where we want to see or do more – like Kentucky to see our daughter and family, or Boston to do the historical tours. You get the picture. THIS is the way to do full time RVing – at least for us.

We did go to Maine, via Boston and I will share that with you another time and I promise it won’t be 6 months! But for now we are workamping in the Pigeon Forge, TN area and loving the Smoky Mountains. The only thing is, we thought we were heading South for the winter (no snow and cold temps) but I think Mother Nature wanted us to feel like we were still in Minnesota (almost) and decided to send snow and cold temps (15 I think has been the lowest). I know it isn’t Minnesota cold, but it isn’t TN warm either! The good thing is in TN the snow is pretty and goes away in a day or two. So I will try not to complain as I watch the birds stuff themselves on my feeder in anticipation.

If it is cold where you are, I hope you will enjoy some “warmth” from the photos taken in Glacier National Park July, 2021. If you haven’t been there, you should if you can. It is truly a beautiful place.

Take care and stay happy!

Glacier National Park – The Road to the Sun

~Photos taken by David Christiansen

One thought on “And Just like that…We’re Back!

  1. Photos are beautiful! Yes, the tv life takes a bit. I missed some independence too but it was temporary.

    Chilly for you, but not mn cold. We are currently camping in az. It was a surprising 30 degrees last night. Lol. Always something.

    Enjoy your week. Donna


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