REVIEW: Chop Shop Diesel

First off, I apologize to Chop Shop Diesel as I intended to have this written before now, and well, things were going good and I forgot. We all do that sometimes, don’t we? Nonetheless, I do apologize for not letting you know about these fantastic people before now. So we were driving toward Ocean Springs,Continue reading “REVIEW: Chop Shop Diesel”

The long and winding road…

It’s March 31, 2023 and our last full day at Iron Mountain Campground in Arkadelphia, AR where we have been since mid-October workamping for the Army Corp of Engineers. It was a long cold and stormy winter and very quiet as the campground was closed from December 1 until March 1. Other than our fellowContinue reading “The long and winding road…”


The USS Triton, USRN/SSN-586 was in service from 1958 through 1969 and has a couple of distinctions, the only submarine with twin reactors (one for each propeller) and, in 1960, made a submerged circumnavigation of the earth.  The circumnavigation of the earth proved the concept that a submarine and their crew could exist for longContinue reading “USS TRITON PARK”

RVing “Caravan Style” Part 2

Sunday, June 19, Father’s Day found us driving north and into Oregon. One would think that the geography would be similar as we were only 43 or so miles from our last camp in California, but it was different. Northern California was mostly forest and a lot of overgrowth. Oregon opened up to rolling hills,Continue reading “RVing “Caravan Style” Part 2″

RVing “Caravan” Style – Part I

Saturday June 11, we were up early as we had a good drive yet to meet up with our SMART (Special Military Active Recreation Travels) Caravan group in Fortuna California. Camp was up Pacific Coast Highway 101 about 275 miles north. We arrived there with just enough time to get our 5th wheel set up,Continue reading “RVing “Caravan” Style – Part I”