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One of the main expenses as a full-time RVer is the fuel cost.  For our situation, we have a 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 dually to pull our Keystone Montana 5th wheel as well as local transportation while camping.  Our truck uses #2 diesel fuel, which is readily available from most fueling stations that carry diesel.  On average, our truck gets about 18 mpg driving locally and about 10 mpg while towing our 5th wheel.

TSD Logistics is a trucking company that offers an EFS card for RVers that use diesel on a regular basis.  Basically, the card is tied to your bank account and allows the user to fill-up at affiliated truck stops and receive a discount on the per gallon cost of diesel.   To be clear, TSD Logistics is a company that has fuel agreements across the nation.  In our travels so far, from Texas to Montana to Massachusetts, we have been able to find a station to meet our fueling needs.

Based on my fuel records for June and July 2021 using the TSD Logistics EFS card where we could:

  • We have driven a total of 7060 miles and have been able to use the program for 4225 miles. 
  • We have spent a total of about $2250 for fuel of which $1570 fuel cost was part of the TSD Logistics program. 
  • To date we have saved a total of $130, or an average of 8% fuel cost savings, based on pump price. 
  • To be clear, we found that the time when we were able to use the TSD Logistics program was when we were traveling on the highway.  Don’t find stations that TSD has agreement in the local gas stations – only at truck stops.
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If you pay close attention to the fuel cost and plan your stops along the route, we were able to save almost 12% off the pump price in July.  The TSD Logistics app provides both the current pump price and the price of fuel you are charged, so it isn’t hard to find a good fuel deal. The key is focusing on the best fuel stops along your planned route.

The program works for both the RVer and TSD Logistics.  TSD charging 10% of the fuel cost savings, as a fee, and 90% of the fuel savings being passed on to the user.  In the end, the more fuel that “TSD Logistics” purchases, the better position they are in to negotiate lower diesel fuel cost.

So, what are the limitations?

  • Need to purchase fuel from the station that has a negotiated rate with TSD. 
  • TSD has a free app that you can find the stations that they have negotiated a fuel cost and the fuel cost per gallon is clearly identified.
  • There will be a withdraw from your bank account for the amount shown on the statement within a couple of days.
  • If you go to a station that doesn’t have an agreed price with TSD Logistics, you can still use the card, but will be charged $1 fee and will pay the amount shown at the pump.
  • This program is only for users of diesel fuel.

What is the process?

  • Once you have been approved by TSD Logistics for the program, you will receive an EFS card within a couple of weeks.
  • Download the free app “TSD Open Roads” for your Iphone or Android phone.
  • Find a truck stop on the app where you want to purchase fuel.  If you have a loyalty card from the station, it will also be honored.
  • Pull into the truck fueling side of the station and following process to use the EFS card, either at the pump or at the register.
  • Fill your vehicle with diesel fuel.
  • You will receive a statement the following day showing the amount of money that will be removed from your bank account – this is the amount that includes the savings and their fee.
  • The fuel purchase will be removed from our bank account within a couple of days.
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After a couple months of traveling, realizing 11%+ fuel savings between stops is worth our time and effort to follow the program.  Also, it should be noted that the negotiated fuel savings are not limited to a specific station/fuel company.  We have filled up at Pilot, Conoco, Chevron, Flying J, Love’s, Petro and T/A to receive fuel savings.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

To learn more about TSD Logistics Fuel Program click here

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